TransDapt Alignment Kit & Accessories

If your vehicle wheel's camber becomes increasingly negative, wherein the top of the tire is angled inwards or towards the center of the vehicle, then you must be having a lowered alignment kit. There are negative cambers that aid in improving traction and road adhesion. But if the camber becomes excessive, it would lead to a peculiar handling and faster tire wear. However, there's not much to worry about because TransDapt can help you deal with that malady effectively.

TransDapt provides you a complete range of alignment kit that can rightfully solve an excessive negative camber on your vehicle wheels. Not only that, TransDapt alignment kit can also enhance the high-speed stability of your vehicle. The kit also assists in the adjustment of a vehicle's camber back to factory specifications while allowing the experience chassis tuner to utilize the increase adjustment range to dial in a performance alignment that uses negative camber for maximized chassis potential. Subsequently, turning and handling become more precise. It's no wonder TransDapt alignment kit has become a necessity for the serious performance tuner around the globe. The kit includes ¾ inches thick billet aluminum transmission mount spacer and longer mounting bolts to raise the transmission 3/ inches. Also included are the pinion alignment shims and new mounting bolts. Getting a TransDapt alignment kit can reduce the misalignment you often encounter.

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