TransDapt Air Cleaner Top & Accessories

Prevent unwanted components from messing up with your engine's operation with a reliable TransDapt air cleaner top. It is a new style cleaner top with a shape reminiscent of the muscle car styling. Most TransDapt air cleaner top is located on the over the oval shaped carburetor/air cleaner cover, some air cleaners are located behind or in front of the rear wing nut and still others are installed in front of the forward wing nut. It has got a stamped 18-gauge steel and triple chrome-plated that bring high quality finish and great looks. TransDapt air cleaner top also uses an air induction pipe for an air cleaner formed of a synthetic resin and as a pair of longitudinally divided pipe members.

TransDapt air cleaner top comes with high-quality K&N 2-1/2 inches washable, pre-oiled cotton gauze filter for excellent filtration. It is designed for use with 5-1/8 inches diameter carburetors as well. This triple chrome-plated round TransDapt air cleaner top can work with all popular 5-1/8 inches diameter carburetors. It has knock-outs in the air cleaner base, and includes an adapter intended for crankcase ventilation and a 14 inch air cleaner lid for its throttle body. TransDapt air cleaner top heights are in parentheses, measuring from the gasket flange to the top of the supplied retaining nut. The overall height of the top above the carburetor mounting flange is 2 ½ inches, which exactly fits onto the carburetors. The dimensions are accurate within 1/8 inches. Plus, its unique radiused air inlet design equalizes air pressure past the booster for uniform air flow.

TransDapt air cleaner top underwent dyno testing, which brings a gain of nearly10 horsepower even when running with no air cleaner at all. Moreover, TransDapt air cleaner top owns unique style coordinates smoothly and appealing with your valve covers. You can start pampering your vehicle now by securing that high-quality TransDapt air cleaner top here at Parts Train. Start browsing Parts Train's online catalog and get that TransDapt air cleaner that's perfect for your automobile.