Trailmaster Transmission Linkage & Accessories

You must be very thankful for having a truly appealing car, van, truck or SUV that drops onlookers' jaw as it stands out from the crowd. And by making sure that the appearance of your vehicle shines better, you need to turn its performance into something more impressive. Of course, the engine system must showcase excellent prowess in power generation. The suspension should do great both on paved and off-roads. The steering system has to be very responsive. And the transmission system needs to be more efficient. In case of modifications such as lifting, make sure that the added height will have good coordination with the other aspects, especially with the transmission system. A Trailmaster transmission linkage can greatly help you accommodate such change.

Trailmaster specializes with the different needs of lifted vehicles, providing specific replacement components that can solve various problems. Today's automatic manual transmission system includes all the components of a standard transmission, which includes a conventional gearshift lever and clutch pedal. The transmission system also includes a gearshift position-selection panel apart from the gearshift lever. The panel enables the driver to select the desired gear position of the gearshift lever by manipulating the panel without the necessity of manually operating the gearshift lever. Also, included is a controller which transforms the driver's gearshift selection to an output signal which corresponds to the gearshift position.

But one part that shouldn't be left out is the Trailmaster transmission linkage, which is used for mechanically repositioning the gearshift lever automatically in accordance with the output signal. Trailmaster transmission linkage includes two motors, two driving links and a gripper link which is secured to the gearshift lever. The link on the gripper is slidely attach to a driving link and pivotally attached to the coupler. Trailmaster transmission linkage has proven Trailmaster's excellence in providing heavy-duty quality parts. That's why Parts Train is confident to give you the Trailmaster transmission linkage to provide you better performance. Customers can easily access the products in Parts Train's user-friendly online catalog.