Trailmaster Shackle Inversion Kit & Accessories

The high-speed driving aficionados who long for perfect and top-performing parts are most likely to look for the Trailmaster shackle inversion kit. Although the shackle inversion kit is not one of those attractive parts, it certainly is a vital component which can add significant improvements with the handling and control of your vehicle. Trailmaster is among the company that manufactures parts which are sure hits to vehicle owners. So rest assured, you can never go wrong with your Trailmaster shackle inversion kit that can offer you miles and miles of reliable operation.

How does the shackle inversion kit provide boost in handling? The main point of the shackle inversion kit is to move the spring shackles from the front mount to the rear mount of the lift springs of your vehicle. This allows the front axle to move in the similar direction with the rear axle. In doing so, your vehicle is able to achieve better handling with less bump steer, improved caster angles, as well as reduced stress on the steering and driveline. Typical shackle inversion kits consist of a front and rear leaf spring, bolts, custom shackles, sleeves, and bushings.

Your Trailmaster shackle inversion kit comes with complete bolt-on system repositions shackles from both the front and rear mount of the leaf spring with no necessary welding needed, and a package with a complete set of mounting hardware and brackets for an easy installation task. If the need should arise, you can easily come across your Trailmaster shackle inversion kit in every part of the automotive market, but for your convenience, check out Parts Train. Parts Train is where you can instantly find the perfect auto parts just by browsing through our catalog. Visit our wide list of top-the-line parts, enjoy the convenience of online shopping, and be assured of quality service.