Trailmaster Pitman Arm & Accessories

Serious drivers who are in demand of top performance parts are most likely to look for the Trailmaster pitman arm. Through use and time, your vehicle will suffer from inevitable damage. So it is no surprise that your stock pitman arm will get replaced eventually. When searching for replacement parts, always choose the one that you know will stand the test of time. Your Trailmaster pitman arm is one that is made from the highest quality materials and is manufactured to the highest standard. So when you turn the steering wheel, you know that the wheels will turn at the exact same rate with a Trailmaster pitman arm employed.

Basically, the pitman arm is a steering system part that acts as a linkage mounted to the steering box sector shaft, translating rotational motion into linear motion needed to turn the wheels. It works in relation with the sector shaft and the drag link. The drag link is where the pitman arm sends the motion that allows the wheels to turn in the appropriate direction. Pitman arms are usually employed on rear-wheel drive vehicles and some other trucks that possess conventional suspension systems and parallelogram steering.

Typical pitman arms generally consist of a splined arm mounted to the steering gear and a threaded bearing stud and seat. The bearing stud is composed of an upper and lower part. The upper part connects to the center link of the steering linkage. The lower part of the bearing stud is enclosed within a protective boot to shield off contaminants from getting into the bearing and seat. If you need a custom pitman arm, look no further than here at Parts Train. Browse our catalog of Trailmaster pitman arms, and you will definitely find the specific part you need. Whether it is an OEM or aftermarket part you need, visit Parts Train for the most convenient shopping experience.