Trailmaster Drive Shaft Assembly & Accessories

How does a vehicle transmission send power to the wheels? Most automobile engines and even motorcycles' use the concept of transferring torque through rotary motion. The generated torque is carried out by the driveshaft to deliver power to the wheels. However, since driveshafts are carriers of torque, they are exposed to stress and torsion. In due time, the driveshaft will eventually malfunction and won't be able to transfer the needed torque to the wheels anymore. In such case, you can opt for a custom driveshaft assembly like the Trailmaster drive shaft assembly.

The driveshaft is usually rigid and durable, transferring power from the transmission to the wheels efficiently. Today, there are a number of driveshafts utilized by various kinds of cars, trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles. These include the one-piece driveshaft, two-piece driveshaft, and the slip in tube driveshaft. The one-piece driveshaft is a single driveshaft assembly usually comprised of gears and joints. The two-piece driveshaft is a pair of driveshaft used in transferring torque which is quite similar to the one-piece driveshaft. The slip in is a driveshaft which also known as collapsible driveshaft, another type of driveshaft which adds functionality. It has a crash energy management system that allows it to compress during cases of collisions.

In the past, belt drive mechanisms, generators, and motors were used before the inclusion of driveshafts. Generally, driveshafts today are specifically referred to a slanting shaft which transmits torque to the wheels. They are basically composed of two parts, the propeller shaft and the halfshaft. The propeller shaft is the driveshaft that connects the gearbox to the rear differential. The halfshaft is the driveshaft that connects the rear differential to a rear wheel. Here at Parts Train, we have the Trailmaster drive shaft assembly for most vehicle makes and models. Parts Train's Trailmaster drive shaft assembly is guaranteed top-notch and should install effortlessly.