Trailmaster Control Arm & Accessories

Your Trailmaster control arm is one of the highly regarded suspension parts brand in the market known to exude excellence in performance. As a suspension part, it helps the suspension system in achieving its goal, that is, to maximize the friction between the tires and the surface of the road, and at the same time reduce friction from between the wheels and the surrounding assembly as they rotate in rapid succession. If you need to replace worn out, damaged control arm, the Trailmaster control arm is a sure to give your auto what it needs.

Basically, the control arm facilitates the movement of the wheels in coordination to the body of your vehicle. The two points from the control arm is mounted at the frame while the third point is mounted to the spindle. Control arms aid in maintaining every ride as smooth and stable as possible by preventing violent movements inside your vehicle cabin. A typical control arm has a pivoting point at both ends. It is a bar where suspension members are mounted to connect to the chassis. Usually, vehicles with coil spring on the front and rear suspension have three to four control arms positioned in between the rear axle and the vehicle frame. On the other hand, the lower control arm spins around frame members, and in some case, aids in the up and down motion of the axle through the rear coil springs. A-arms are usually used to replace control arms that are believed to be a lot more durable.

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