Trailmaster Coil Springs & Accessories

Out of the box, the Trailmaster coil springs are the clear cut choice for vehicle owners who need boost in their suspension. Your stock coil spring may not be designed to endure longer miles of operation, and may just actually wear out earlier than expected. Your Trailmaster coil springs, however, are designed to stay effective for a very long period while efficiently performing its task in the suspension. They are basically mechanical devices that can store and subsequently release energy to absorb shock or impact from vertical acceleration due to uneven road plains.

Typical suspension coil springs are usually made of an elastic material with a shape of a helix which can compress and decompress yet stays in its original form. There are two common types of coil springs, the tension coil spring and the compression coil spring. The tension coil springs are made to resist stretching, while compression coil springs are made to resist compressing. In addition, metal springs are made through winding the wire around a shaped device. Springs are wound in a soft condition and tempered for strength. Through use and time, the rebounding action of the spring may start to diminish as the loads incessantly wear the part. The spring can be fixed by re-setting through annealing and re-tempering. Aside from the natural process of wear and tear, there are other aspects which can damage coil springs. One example is when using oxy-acetylene to cut the coil spring's end to lower the vehicle's ride height. The tempering on some areas of the spring will be destroyed.

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