Trailmaster Carrier Bearing Kit & Accessories

What is a Trailmaster carrier bearing kit? A Trailmaster carrier bearing kit is basically an intermediate bearing that connects the driveshafts of your vehicle. It is usually mounted on the frame of your vehicle and often utilized to support the driveshaft. Some standard carrier bearing kits consist of a yolk assembly on both sides for a u-joint connection. Carrier bearings are found on extended cab and double cab truck units. On vehicles with a single driveshaft, there is no carrier bearing used.

Carrier bearings are actually situated between the housing and the end portion to allow the shaft to rotate throughout its axis and within its support opening. They are used to significantly correct driveline problems usually encountered during the operation of the vehicle. An expansion member close to the bearing can expand and contract to adjust to changing temperatures, and thus maintain the desired end play tolerance among the housing and the end portion. Usually, when lifting a truck, the carrier bearing must be lowered by unbolting it from the crossmember and placing a gap between both parts. And if the truck needs to be lowered, the carrier bearing must be raised. To do this, the bracketry of the bearing can be unbolted and flipped upside down. This is done to gain access to other parts and to prevent the part from being accidentally damaged.

The carrier bearing must be properly installed. Otherwise, it can bring negative effect to the driveshafts and cause irregularities during the operation. In addition, carrier bearing preload must be sufficient at all levels to stop the carrier bearing from moving when under load since it can open up the backlash. When you need to replace worn carrier bearing kit, Parts Train offers you first-class Trailmaster carrier bearing kits and can hand it to you in no time. Parts Train is your one stop auto parts shop, thus you can also expect to find extensive selection of other replacement parts and accessories besides carrier bearing kits.