Trailmaster Bump Stop & Accessories

Suspension system is critical to your vehicle's excellent performance. The constant toll due to road irregularities, such as bumps, cracks, potholes, and the likes, could have easily worn numerous parts from your vehicle without the suspension. The demand for better performing suspension increased its development, and in addition, supplementary parts were included in some aftermarket suspension products. One add-on that can be of great importance in the whole construction of your suspension and chassis package is a Trailmaster bump stop.

The primary function of a bump stop is to act as damper to the spring and the suspension and to prevent the shock absorber from bottoming out. The advances in polyurethane technology brought the growth of bump stop designs. In modern vehicles, bump stops are utilized to serve as secondary springs to improve spring reaction especially during on-the-limit handling. Hence, they greatly influence the overall handling of your vehicle. Aside from the standard bump stop, foam-made bump stops offer significant improvements in enhancing spring rate during a long drive. The springs of the suspension coil bind to alter their movement rate, and thus results to improved suspension performance and handling. In addition, specialized springs were developed to greatly complement the bump stops as well. Regular maintenance would keep the part from performing reliably and prevent early wear.

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