Trailmaster Body Mount Kit & Accessories

Daily vehicle activity comes with inevitable damages that we usually overlook. Three wheeling and hopping due to road irregularities causes too much pressure on your vehicle frame and to the body mounts as well. Body mounts are crucial parts to hold the hydraulics of the suspension in place. Both the fender and the door will incessantly rub against each other and damage the body panels if the body mount is in bad shape. In such case, employing a Trailmaster body mount kit is the best option.

Body mounts are basically mounted in your vehicle frame by the use of bolts. Modern vehicles usually have more or less 14 body mounts employed throughout the frame. Typical body mount kits consist of an upper sheet metal spacer member, a lower sheet spacer member, and a sheet metal clip member. The upper sheet metal spacer member comes with a flange part with an opening in the middle and a tubular portion. The tubular portion can extend downward from the flange part in coaxial relation to the middle opening. The lower sheet spacer member comes with a flange part as well, possessing a middle opening and a tubular part that extends upward from the flange portion. The clip member is often altered to fit perfectly and snap on the upper end of the lower sheet spacer member tubular portion. It also comes with prongs which are stuck in an outward direction to snap perfectly with the lip on the upper spacer member tubular portion.

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