Trailmaster Blocks & Accessories

Some auto enthusiasts would seek for an increase in clearance for their demanding off-road applications, and others would look after the great looks of their truck or SUV by simply getting a raised profile on it. So when you're looking to lift your vehicle, all you need is a great set of blocks. And you surely know that blocks bearing the name of Trailmaster are indeed the best choice that most enthusiasts have sought for. Trailmaster is an auto part manufacturer that specializes in superior quality suspension components and lift kits, which are both intended for impressive drivability, performance, and style.

Trailmaster do believe that intense use of suspension parts results to failure, which can be disastrous if not dealt so soon. That's why Trailmaster manufactures a rock solid cast iron part that just comes to help you with the long haul, fading your worries away. The Trailmaster blocks are the ideal way to get height or leveling the front or rear of your truck or SUV. These are designed to lift your vehicle 3 inches by being positioned between the body and the frame. Trailmaster blocks can also be used to replace lost height from installing heavy accessories such as bumpers or winches.

Trailmaster blocks are crafted from durable cast iron for a long life in your suspension system. These are tapered for correct pinion angle. And they've got steel pin and hole as offsets to restore axle position. These fit the front or rear of your stock suspension system with a number of lift height options from 1 inch to 5 inches. Plus, Trailmaster blocks are equipped with the hardware needed for straightforward installation, whatever the degree of lift you want. The hardware includes U-bolts, washers, nuts and a lot more. Get the great looks and exceptional ground clearance in no time here at Parts Train. Browse Parts Train's hassle-free comprehensive online catalog to order the high-quality Trailmaster blocks.