Trailmaster Add-A-Leaf & Accessories

It's been over two decades since Trailmaster started tuning heavy-duty and lightweight rigs for performance, lasting durability and attention-getting style. It's no wonder it became one of the industry's leader in manufacturing state-of-the-art suspension components, shock absorbers and performance chassis systems. Trailmaster research and design department uses advanced technologies to device the best cutting-edge design products for specific vehicle models. These suspension parts are all made available to allow the vehicle to conquer paved paths and rugged trails with ease. And because stock suspension systems often offer only the 'standard use-this-part', they normally complain when getting through tough tracks while hauled with heavy cargo. To prevent the parts such as the coil spring from totally getting damaged, additional suspension support such as the reliable Trailmaster add-a-leaf is necessary.

Getting some reinforcement can increase the load capacity of the vehicle and improve its rigidity. The Trailmaster add-a-leaf is specifically made for off-road tracking. The expert Trailmaster craftsmen manufacture most of its products by cutting, welding and lathing all the components that make up Trailmaster's legendary suspension products. Evident is the Trailmaster add-a-leaf which is constructed from hardened steel, high-strength iron and grade 5 and 8 plated hardware. It is engineered to conform to Trailmaster's exacting tolerances for highest quality and safety standard. This can add that extra height you've always wanted for your vehicle. A leaf basically stays strong yet flexible, providing then smooth ride and rear-end strength.

Trailmaster add-a-leaf springs are pre-drilled for the center pin in the exact location that the vehicle factory spring pack requires. These are tapered on the ends for added flexibility and an easier fit. The installation is effortlessly a breeze while the extra leaf ensures perfect alignment points of your vehicle's specific existing configurations. You can get a complete stock of Trailmaster add-a-leaf spring with great deals only here at Parts Train. Shopping here at Parts Train is never a hassle because we ensure that the customers get the products in just a matter of few clicks.