Tokico Suspension Kit & Accessories

Nobody would need a zero body roll, rather most would look for uncompromised performance in the middle-of-the-road situations, well dampened ride motions and forgiving yet precise and neutral handling. That's what Tokico exactly offers. Tokico can give your vehicle a state-of-the-art suspension technology with its Tokico suspension kit. It comes directly from engineers who designed and developed racing suspensions. It is engineered for street use, but has a number of new features that are specifically designed for the enthusiast who desires a manual shock dampening feature.

Tokico suspension kit provides enhanced performance, improved corner-holding ability and a sleek, aggressive stance for impressive performance that shows no harshness. Tokico manufactured the suspension kit under rigid ISO 9001 and Tokico's stringent standards. The attention to details of Tokico on its suspension products is the foremost reason why they come out capable of providing better performance. Tokico suspension is paired with low unsprung weight, which includes the light weight wheels, lighter tires and lighter braking components. With all those features, the kit provides amazingly good wheel compliance. Even when you drive in salt-rotted streets, the Tokico suspension kit keeps the wheels in contact which racers have liked most.

Tokico suspension kit is specifically engineered for each vehicle and may combine different components for efficient performance. Aside from state-of-the-art suspension technology and adjustable ride height, Tokico suspension kit features an external adjustment knob which allows the user to adjust the rebound and compression at the same time. Thus, your vehicle is ensured to get incredible stability on the highway as well as composure over expansion joints. Why compromise your ride comfort if a Tokico suspension kit can virtually eliminate nose driving during hard braking? Besides, finding one is never a hassle anymore since you've just come to the right site. Parts Train deals only with topnotch brands in the market, that's why we have a huge stock of Tokico products particularly the Tokico suspension kit. Click some more and find the kit that matches your vehicle's suspension specifications right here at Parts Train.