Tokico Shocks & Accessories

The fattest tires, lowest springs, and lightest wheels in the world aren't going to mean squat on your ride if you don't have a killer set of shocks all around to back them up. Don't cut corners on your shocks: Invest in a set of Tokico shocks for your car. Tokico shocks are designed and built to give premium performance for the life of your Tokico shocks. Using gas-charged technology, ultra-close tolerances, and precise tuning, each Tokico shock absorber is custom-engineered to help your vehicle perform its best. It's not an easy job, and that's why you should be wary of off-brand shocks. Tokico engineers each of its shocks in-house, and controls their manufacture. It's just the best way for Tokico shocks to maintain their legendary quality. With twin-tube construction and sophisticated design, Tokico shocks are always at the cutting edge of suspension technology. Do you need struts? No problem. There are Tokico shocks and Tokico struts available for tons of domestic and imported applications. Don't shop anywhere else for your Tokico shocks, either. We do the homework for you to ensure that our prices on Tokico shocks are the best in the business. And with our huge inventory of Tokico shocks, and our fast shipping, we can get your Tokico shocks to you faster.