Tokico Multi Shock Kit & Accessories

Tokico is committed to produce exceptional quality products and it started an in-house specialty shock division to design and build topnotch shock absorbers for the core off-road enthusiasts. Indeed, there is no other shock absorber in existence can do both superior handling and maximum comfort that only Tokico shock can perform. This revolutionary shock delivers excellent smooth handling and a comfortable ride. The original Tokico shock is a valve based on 1980's idea of performance and handling technology, in which it was valved to make a vehicle suspension as stiff as possible.

Tokico uses the variable speed value technology which stiffens the shocks for better handling as the going gets more aggressive. Tokico shock kit consists of shocks that are current top of the line gas charged units from renowned brands in the market. The front Tokico shock will work with either stock height vehicles which have been lowered. The rear Tokico shock, on the other hand, include a custom set of billet aluminum collars for the rear spring locating cone which allow over 4 inches of vertical stability. This will then allow you to set the rear ride height in relation to the front to maintain the car at a level attitude.

The Tokico shock kit undergoes grueling quality control tests to ensure dead-on specifications. The kit provides the ultimate in hardcore off-road dampening capacity with superior highway comfort for aggressive off-road driving. It comes with a high velocity 10-stage custom valve for excellent dampening capabilities and a closed cell insert to reduce shock fade at high speeds. Should you need to restore the comfort of your drive? Click some more here at Parts Train for high quality Tokico shock kit and other Tokico products that can help improve your vehicle's performance. The team up of Parts Train and Tokico proves to be worth clicking.