Tokico Car Parts & Accessories

Tokico Incorporated has been manufacturing brake parts, shock absorbers, and other hydraulics for more than 50 years. They have two offices and a factory in the United States. Their factory is located in Berea, KY, which manufactures original equipment parts for vehicle manufacturers. The Tokico office for original equipment sales and engineering is located in Allen Park, MI. And the aftermarket sales and inventory office of Tokico can be found in Rancho Dominguez, CA.

As OEM supplier they cater to the vehicle manufacturers' demand for shock absorbers which could provide good stability of the vehicle and as well as good ride quality. They also offer improved original equipment style shocks, high performance shocks and adjustable ultra performance shocks. Tokico shocks use precision engineering ingenuity so as to be able to maintain a perfect tire contact to maintain the optimum balance between control and comfort. It heightens the concerning power for a smoother ride of a vehicle and restores the margin safety of the vehicle. The Tokico adjustable shocks have a broader specification for racing, street and auto cross applications.

One other Tokico product is the Tokico Struts which give all the braking and handling benefits which the Tokico shocks offer. The vehicle manufacturers of today do away with the upper control arm and ball joint so as to be able to fit a compact strut instead. The Tokico struts are ruggedly designed and have mounting points near the center for attachment loads. The Tokico Illumina shocks and struts is a combination of two Tokico products which alters the suspension firmness easily. It showcases the same high end dampening technology which is incorporated into the shocks, gas charging, precision valves and dual tube construction design.

The Tokico Illumina shocks and struts are hugely upgraded versions that are fitted into the shock system. It has precision valves and a high pressure gas that can be charged, and then provides ultimate satisfaction for the consumers. The Tokico products are high quality products made by a long time leader in electronic shock absorbers and suspension products that a lot of customers rely to. We carry the Tokico brand of automotive products here at Parts Train. You can find Tokico products that are priced reasonably through our user friendly parts locator.