Timken Wheel Bearing Assembly & Accessories

Timken is the world's renowned largest producer of seamless mechanical steel tubing. The manufacture of Timken products comes in a fully integrated process such as melting, rolling, piercing, finishing and complete parts-making capability. And the result is a maximized life and performance of wheel bearings as well as the systems in which these products operate. Timken wheel bearing allows the wheel and tire assembly to turn freely around the spindle, in the steering knuckle or in the bearing support. It does such function through highly functional components composing the Timken wheel bearing assembly. These are the spindle, hub, grease wheel, safety washer, spindle adjusting nut, nut lock and dust cap.

Timken spindle is a stationary shaft extending outwards, right from the steering knuckle or suspension system to which the other components are attached. The Timken hub is the outer housing that holds the brake disc or drum, wheel grease and wheel bearing. Timken grease wheel is a seal that prevents loss of lubricant from the inner end of the spindle and hub. Timken safety washer is a flat washer that keeps the outer wheel bearing from rubbing to another metal component and possibly turning the adjusting nut. Timken spindle adjusting nut is a nut threaded on the end of the spindle for adjusting the wheel bearing. Timken nut lock is a thin, slotted nut that fits over the main spindle nut. Finally, Timken dust cap is a metal cap that fits over the outer end of the hub to keep grease in and dirt out of the bearings.

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