Timken Pinion Bearing & Accessories

Timken manufacturer is the pioneer in the production of innovative steel solutions since 1916. For over 100 years in the service already, Timken has been continuously designing and making great innovations that will match the concepts of yesterday with the advanced technology of today. In fact, the company has earned its title as one of the world's most knowledgeable steel producers for critical applications. The company becomes an essential part of the automotive industry even from the very start of its service.

Timken is in fact producing wheel and shaft parts and add-ons such as the disk drives, drilling rigs, dental drills, rolling mills, and pinion bearings. All of them speak of how Timken's great innovations will improve your vehicle's performance. Every Timken pinion bearing for instance, meets the stringent Timken standards of quality, reliability and durability to provide the performance that the driver wants. Pinion bearing is basically used in conjunction with a vertical drive shaft which has a pre load pin in the very top of the shaft. These are offered in various sizes, ranging from those so tiny that would require a microscope to those large enough to stand inside. Timken pinion bearing can have 14 roller bearings which are used on all topnotch drives dated back in 1965 to 1983. A 1.752 outside diameter and .992 inside diameter make a Timken pinion bearing so efficient in performance.

If what you have is a 100-ton freight car, the Timken AP-2 pinion bearing is sure to improve your vehicle's service life. But if you're looking for more options to choose from, count on Parts Train, the industry's leading source of high-quality automotive parts and accessories. Parts Train has a huge collection of Timken's pinion bearings which are offered for virtually every vehicle make and model. Aside from pinion bearings, our store also features the other products manufactured by Timken such as the wheel bearing assembly and wheel hub assembly.