Taylor Cable Tape & Accessories

Ignition cables are made to be tough and well insulated to work effectively despite the heat in the engine compartment. But still, at the back of your mind, you worry. You think of situations where the cables touch the manifold, or when it's too near the engine block. Or you think that, in time, the cable jacket's constant exposure to heat would surely get it damaged. If you think that you can never be too careful with your ignition cables, then the Taylor Cable tape is just right for you. It can give you peace of mind knowing your cables are well-protected.

Extra insulation means extra protection. This results in longer cable life. You save time since extra protection means less need for maintenance checks. You save money as well since you don't have to replace cables prematurely and you don't have to take your car in for service. Most of all, you get the full satisfaction of having a vehicle in perfect condition.

The Taylor Cable tape is part of the company's line of heat protection products. This shows the company's expertise in the ignition wiring solutions business. Knowing that performance is compromised if a part gets easily damaged, the company creates accessories that protect its performance products. The Taylor Cable tape is made from reflective aluminum cloth. This makes it able to reflect radiation from surrounding components. The tape can handle up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit of direct contact, so contact with the manifold or any part of the engine block is not a problem. It is also easy to apply to your cables since it is self-adhesive. You simply wrap it on your cables without having to pull them out one by one. It comes in two sizes, so you can use the tape to any type of cable. As long as you have a cable that needs insulation, the Taylor Cable tape can do the job for you.

Provide an extra layer of protection to your cables with the Taylor Cable tape. Check out our catalog to order online. If you need assistance, call our toll-free number and let one of our customer service representatives place your order.