Taylor Cable Switch & Accessories

It is annoying to have a car switch that doesn't work. Reliability is what you expect out of any switch. If you have a broken car switch, you should try getting a race car switch. Race car switches are among the most dependable switches ever made. This is because in racing situations, failure of a single part can mean defeat for a racer. That is why race cars have high standards of quality and all its parts are made for performance and reliability. But you don't need to own a race car to benefit from its reliability. We have race car switches here that can work on street vehicles. And for one of the best, get the Taylor Cable switch.

Taylor Cable has gained its reputation from developing only the most reliable ignition wiring systems and components. Its 80 years of experience gives the company the edge and expertise when it comes to providing solutions to ignition system problems. This is why companies like Mack Truck, Harley-Davidson, DaimlerChrysler, and John Deere use Taylor Cable products in their vehicles. Taylor Cable is also a brand that racers trust. With the company's acquisition of Vertex Magneto, Taylor Cable has expanded its expertise to the sport of racing. In the field of racing and hot rods where performance and reliability is essential, Taylor Cable is one of the preferred providers of ignition parts and components. Additionally, all Taylor Cable parts are made to pass dyno tests to ensure quality and performance.

The Taylor Cable switch is designed for racing applications and standards. This part can also be used in street vehicles as the switch's function is universal. If you install this on your car, you're bringing race car quality and reliability to your vehicle. The switch can withstand harsh racing conditions as it has "O" rings and a plastic construction that keeps dirt and moisture out. This guarantees a longer life for your switch.

Get the Taylor Cable switch here at Parts Train. Check out our catalog to order online. You can also call our toll-free number and have one of our customer service representatives help you order. Enjoy race car technology and reliability on your vehicle with the Taylor Cable switch.