Taylor Cable Starter Solenoid & Accessories

When the engine is still hot and you can't start your car, what you have is a hot start problem. This occurs because high temperature increases electrical resistance. High temperatures prevent the starter from getting enough juice for it to start the engine. And in those conditions, some solenoids just don't work. If you have this problem, a solution is getting a starter solenoid kit. For guaranteed results, get the Taylor Cable starter solenoid kit.

Solenoids heat up easily because of their location. Since solenoids are mounted on starters, and starters are placed near the engine and manifold, solenoids are exposed to extreme heat. And as electrical resistance is increased, it's either the solenoid can't get enough electricity from the battery or it completely stops working. Without power from the solenoid, your starter is dead, which means you're car is not going anywhere. Imagine this happening while you're on a road trip. What can be worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car that won't start?

Taylor Cable offers its starter solenoid kit as the ideal solution to hot start problems. The solenoid kit provides better heat resistance for reliable engine ignition. The solenoid also has a bump start button that starts the engine even without battery power. This is useful as you won't need to push the whole vehicle to force your vehicle to start. It's a relief to know that should all else fail, the bump start button is there to bail you out. But you shouldn't be too concerned about that possibility. The solenoid kit is made by Taylor Cable, a company that has been in the ignition system business for 80 years already. And with companies like DaimlerChrysler, John Deere, Mack Truck, and Harley-Davidson believing in the quality of Taylor Cable products, there's no need to worry. Furthermore, Taylor Cable products have been tested and proven on both the street and the race track.

Fix your hot start problems with the Taylor Cable starter solenoid kit. The kit includes all necessary hardware for easy installation. Get it here at Parts Train. Order now online or call our toll-free number.