Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wires & Accessories

If you want to harness at least tens of thousands of volts and have them delivered to the spark plugs without failing, you better put some attention on your spark plug wires. Overtime, your vehicle's spark plug wires can wear out when the insulation started to get brittle and the core develop cracks. No need to fret about the matter, because there's a new set of spark plug wires on your way. Taylor Cable spark plug wires can efficiently restore the ignition performance of your car, truck, van or SUV.

So whenever you need to get to your office like speeding on the race track, Taylor Cable spark plug wires won't make the start up delayed. You may be asking, why? The spark plug wires of Taylor Cable are those that can get you more fluid from your spark plug to your ignition coils. In fact, they can ignite race cars as quick as needed. No wonder, Taylor Cable spark plug wires are ideal for both street rods and race machines. These products are engineered to possess thick silicone spark plug wire jackets and excellent RF suppression. Thus, a hotter spark for better combustion is delivered into your vehicle. Moreover, the ignition wires in the spark plug have an 8mm-street high performance that comes in a low-resistance version, so to delivers up to 10 times the power that other products provide. And not only that, the Taylor Cable spark plug wires are housed in a double wall of silicone to ensure non-interference in your vehicle's delicate electronic devices. This feature is very much essential since it is able to protect the delicate core from heat and oil contamination as well as prevents arcing at the same time.

Should you realize how far Taylor Cable is from its competitors, choose from Taylor Cable spark plug wire's street and strip versions which may vary on the RFI shielding that you need. And for that matter, Parts Train offers you a huge stock of Taylor Cable spark plug wires to choose from. Parts Train also feature other high quality auto products, thus you need not spend effort looking for another provider.