Taylor Cable Ignition Coil & Accessories

In the field of ignition wiring system components, Taylor Cable is a brand that you can trust. With 80 years in the business, Taylor Cable has produced impressive ignition components like the ThunderVolt® 50 ignition cables and Diamondback battery cables that guarantee increased performance. The company has also acquired Vertex Magneto to extend its expertise in race cars and hot rods. Whether on the street or on the race track, Taylor Cable provides the best ignition parts and accessories in terms of performance and reliability. So if you need an ignition coil, get the Taylor Cable ignition coil.

Ignition coils provide the spark in spark plugs. They produce the huge amount of electricity needed to ignite the combustion process. The coil transforms the 12 volts that the battery provides into thousands of volts for fuel ignition. This makes it essential for coils to provide the necessary amount of charge every time. Without the discharge from the coil, the engine is dead. This happens usually at high RPMs. At high RPMs, the engine is working hard and the demand for the coil to continuously discharge electricity is greater. And some coils just can't keep up. You can keep on pressing the accelerator, but you won't go any faster. You end up wasting fuel and losing speed and power.

Taylor Cable knows this situation well. This is why Taylor Cable ignition coils are designed to maintain needed electrical discharge even at high RPMs. This ensures that your car can reach its maximum potential speed and power. With the Taylor Cable ignition coil, you can even reach a higher RPM since your stock ignition coil can't go as high. It's like having a different car altogether. You'll be surprised to see your car going faster than before. And Taylor Cable is not just making promises. Taylor Cable products are always backed up with dyno test results. This guarantees that the Taylor Cable ignition coil delivers what it promises.

Avoid losing speed and power at high RPMs with the Taylor Cable ignition coil. Order it here at Parts Train. Check out our catalog to order online or call our 24-hour hotline.