Taylor Cable Heat Insulator & Accessories

Your car produces extreme heat, especially in the engine compartment. This heat can be a good or bad thing. It's bad for your ignition cables. Extreme heat can melt cables and damage the insulation. Additionally, heat increases electrical resistance, which hampers smooth electricity flow needed to start your engine. On the other hand, heat can be good for your header manifold as the hotter it is, the faster exhaust gases flow. Whether good or bad, heat directly affects your car's performance. What you need is something that handles heat properly to boost your car's performance. What we suggest you get is the Taylor Cable heat insulator.

The Taylor Cable heat insulator is part of Taylor Cable's drive toward improving vehicle performance. The company has been specializing in the design of ignition wiring system components that provide the best ignition performance and reliability. Since heat is a major factor, Taylor Cable has heat insulators that manipulate heat into your favor.

Taylor Cable heat insulators are of two types: first to keep heat out, second to keep heat in. Keeping heat out is to protect cables and wires. Taylor Cable has fire sleeves, heat wraps, and heat shields for different types of cables and applications. All are designed to reflect radiant heat and withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They come in different sizes and are easy to use and install. Whatever type you choose, you're certain that your cables are well-protected from heat and damage. The type that keeps heat in is specifically designed for the exhaust system. The exhaust insulation wrap works with the idea that the hotter the gas, the faster it is. When you wrap this around the exhaust pipes, it ensures increased horsepower by helping the quick exit of exhaust gas. When exhaust gas flow smoothly from the combustion chamber and out of the vehicle, backpressure is abated. This is how your car gets added horsepower.

Get Taylor Cable insulators here at Parts Train. Browse our catalog to order the right type of heat insulator for you. Don't let extreme heat bother you with the Taylor Cable heat insulator.