Taylor Cable Distributor Rotor & Accessories

Your vehicle has its performance parts essential for optimum drivability performance. Since performance is always the chosen priority in a vehicle, a distributor rotor shouldn't be taken for granted. It is an ignition component that actually distributes the high voltage of electricity to the towers of the distributor cap. This is mounted at the upper edge of your distributor while it delivers high voltage of electricity to start-up your engine as well as to supply electricity throughout your vehicle's engine systems.

Handling extreme working conditions puts a lot of stress on the distributor rotor. Thus, getting only high-performance and heavy-duty distributor rotor will lead you to the most sought after brand in the market, the Taylor Cable. Every Taylor Cable product, particularly the distributor rotor, is crafted from high-quality and durable materials to offer you the most efficient ignition. It is precision engineered for superior protection against cross-firing and arching. It is intended to produce high conductivity for higher spark that will set your vehicle in operation, and then you're ready to hit the road.

There's a lot more to savor with the Taylor Cable distributor rotor. The assurance to last for long years of reliable service and stress relieved is through the embedded corrosion-resistance brass inserts it is crafted with. It is fastened by premium quality screws for a reliable attachment onto the plate on top of the distributor shaft. And getting a Taylor Cable distributor rotor isn't that hard, because Parts Train offers it to you right at this site, in wide selection and genuine quality. Parts Train is among the most trusted online stores for high quality auto parts and accessories and of reputable names aftermarket auto products. And since we only deal with highly-respected brands in the market, Taylor Cable has never been out of our list.