Taylor Cable Distributor Cap & Accessories

As an important component of your vehicle's suspension system, a distributor cap is crucial to the efficient transmission of the high voltage spark necessary to ignite the fuel in the cylinders of the engine in order to begin the combustion process. The distributor cap is a device in your vehicle's ignition system that distributes electricity from the ignition coils to the spark plug wires at the right timing. Within the distributor cap is where the distributor rotor can be found. It rotates and receives current from the ignition coils, and then passes it on to the copper portion of the cap, then finally to the spark plugs.

And since the distributor cap is filled with high voltage all the time, it must be inspected and replaced regularly. Or else, carbon tracking will eventually develop in the cap that might cause misfires in the engine. Bearing in mind what auto experts suggest can lead you to a right track by replacing the part ones within two years or after every 15,000 miles. But if you no longer get the chance to keep it right, there is always the best way to get your vehicle back into its shape. Taylor Cable distributor cap is just a click ahead to help you get the performance back to its original or even have it improved.

Taylor Cable distributor cap is constructed from premium quality materials which usually consists durable plastic and a small amount of copper. It is specifically designed for a durable, high-conductive construction that increases spark energy to spark plugs. It works to ensure that the high voltage produced by the coil is distributed at the right timing. Everything that Taylor Cable manufactures including the distributor cap is exceptionally of high quality, thus having it with your automobile also means quality performance. And when finding one seems hard for you, no need to fret because Parts Train has a huge stock of Taylor Cable distributor caps ready for delivery. All you need to do is to click some more in Parts Train's comprehensive online catalog, and then make a pick.