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The use of insulated wires in the car's ignition system is very valuable. These wires help in the transfer of power from the car's battery to the different components that require electricity to function. Made up of sturdy rubber with strands of conductors inside of them, the electrical wires contribute a great deal of help and assistance in the operations of the automobile. Without the function of these electrical wires, the use of parts that rely on electricity and the ignition procedure of the car would not be made possible. The battery and ultimately, the entire car would be rendered useless if its electrical wires are not used.

One of the vital parts of a vehicle's electrical system is its connectors. These connectors, as the name implies, are attached to different components of the car and transmit electricity to them. Made up of material that conduct electricity in the most efficient manner, wire connectors handle the task of maintaining the flow of power smoothly throughout the entire car. These electrical connectors can usually be found in most parts of the ignition system and can be easily located by the car owner when the hood of the vehicle is opened.

Just like any part of a vehicle, the electrical connectors are sensitively prone to accumulating foreign substances such dirt, dust and grime. Once this occurs, the flow of power can be lessened and the entire operation of the vehicle can be greatly compromised. This could also lead to the wire connectors to sustain enough damage that may render it obsolete to use. Another factor that could lead to the deterioration of the electrical connectors' build is the ignorance of the car owner to take care of the car. If the car owner has the tendency to be complacent with the care of the vehicle, the electrical connectors may accumulate enough dirt or may sustain damage due to bad driving manners and failure to practice basic maintenance.

If the deterioration of a car's electrical connectors happens, the car owner should immediately find a replacement for it. Ignorance to do so may damage the other parts of the car and compromise the entire vehicle itself.