Taylor Cable Cable Crimp Tool & Accessories

Taylor Cable knows what ignition wiring systems are all about. Its 80 years of experience in the business says a lot about the company's knowledge about ignition systems. Taylor Cable knows that sometimes it's not just about producing quality performance ignition components—it's also about ensuring easy and proper installation. If you get Taylor Cable products but end up with a difficult or sloppy installation, it's still no good. This is why Taylor Cable creates tools that help customers install their products. In particular, for ignition wires and cables, the company has the Taylor Cable crimp tool.

Crimp tools connect cables and wires to terminals. This is to ensure secure and full contact between the cable and terminals for proper conduction. Aside from ensuring functionality, installation and connection of cables are easier with a crimp tool. In ignition wires, having a crimp tool during installation reduces possibilities of misfires due to loose terminal contact. Additionally, well-installed ignition cables ensure full power transfer from the coil to the spark plugs. This results in more power and fuel efficiency for your car.

You can choose from three types of Taylor Cable crimp tool. Whatever your crimping need is, Taylor Cable has one for you. You have the Professional Wire Crimp Tool that has adjustable jaws and dies to work with 22-10 gauge wires. It also has molded cushion grips for insulation. Another type is the Multi-Purpose Pro Wire Tool that can be used for several automotive wire applications. This tool can crimp insulated and non-insulated wires and terminals. It also can cut and strip-off insulation from cables. This removes the need for a separate tool to strip insulation. The last is the Spiro-pro Strip & Crimp Tool that is specifically designed for Spiro-pro ignition cables. It can strip off insulation without damaging the conductive core.

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