Taylor Cable Battery Relocation Kit & Accessories

A car needs to be tweaked at times to be able to enhance its capabilities. And in tweaking, one of the things car owners look into is an improved weight distribution. A common way of doing weight distribution is by relocating the battery to the trunk of the car, which then gives off further traction and excellent handling. Having better weight distribution also brings about a reduction on nose diving when the brakes are hit. For this chore, a battery relocation kit is just what you need.

Made of the highest quality of materials, the Taylor Cable battery relocation kit effectively executes the task it is meant to do. Not just that; it also complies with NHRA Rule 8:1, where a battery box is required when the firewall doesn't exist between the compartment of the driver and the battery. The Taylor Cable battery relocation kit is made of heavy duty materials, like the one-piece welded battery hold down. This makes sure that it is tough and dependable. Its product features include hard mounts battery to frame with 3/8" bolts. A 16-ft two-gauge cable and the necessary tools and mounting hardware are also included in this battery relocation kit. This handy kit makes it possible to get to the battery without having the need to take it out of its box. The Taylor Cable battery relocation kit also hard mounts the battery to the car's frame.

Once you've ordered the Taylor Cable battery relocation kit, its installation is quite workable. Choose a new location for the battery, and mark the holes that need to be drilled. Make sure to steer clear from the fuel tank and fuel lines. Drill the holes that have been marked then secure the tray in place with the bolts. After placing the battery on the tray, place the cables where they won't impose any hindrance. Fasten the cables securely. Watch out for any possible acid spillover! A battery mat will help see to that concern.

The battery relocation kit is used to move the battery under the hood and place it at the trunk. Taking the battery out of its former place is advantageous, since it means it will no longer be exposed to elements that sometimes pose problems on its performance. The issue about the weight balance is solved, too. With the Taylor Cable battery relocation kit, your car's performance is improved in terms of traction and handling.