Taylor Cable Car Parts & Accessories

A brand name that is on top of the list when speaking of ignition wires is the Taylor automotive brand. Taylor is well-known in the aftermarket industry for manufacturing some of the best spark plug wires and other important ignition components for all types and makes of vehicles. The Taylor products offered in the market will aid in the improvement of the performance of the vehicle's ignition system. Ignition wires play a significant role in the effective operation of the entire vehicle. The ignition wires serves as bridges so that more electricity is produced by the coil then delivered to the spark plug. To make sure that the sufficient amount of spark will be delivered to the spark plugs, the Taylor products offered in the market is manufactured using high grade materials.

Taylor was able to serve the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacture markets. They specialize in manufacturing wires, high temperature silicon ignition wires, multi conducting wires and battery cables. All of the Taylor products are sold in bulk quantities. The Taylor Company produces and designs wiring assemblies of high quality. The company also manufactures products like custom wiring assemblies for many markets. They manufacture different kinds of electrical wiring harnesses, battery cables and spark plug wires that are set to the client's specification. They manufacture some of the renowned spark plug wires in the industry which comes in a variety of styles so as to be able to cater to the different needs of their clients, from stock replacement spark plug wires to solid core racing spark plug wires.

Another Taylor product is the Taylor cable that ends all of its pre-made spark plug wires due to its stainless steel of brass terminal fittings. It has a very low resistance to enable it to deliver more current that has been generated by the coil to the spark plugs. Since it has a low resistance, it can be able to run cool internally, then avoiding the breakdown of the insulation. The durability of the Taylor cables is guaranteed as the current runs into a woven fiberglass cloth throughout the spark plug wire insulation. The goal of the design of the Taylor cable is to be able to provide more voltage and current while having less interference. If you are in need of Taylor products, Parts Train will help you by providing you with high quality Taylor products at affordable prices.