Takeda Short Ram Intake & Accessories

The Takeda short ram intake can do wonders for your car's performance, especially if your car has a restrictive factory intake piping. Other than that, this short ram air intake helps the engine get additional seven horsepower and eight pounds-feet of torque. So for performance-driven car owners, replacing their factory air intake systems with a Takeda product is a must.

Short ram intakes from Takeda are composed of high-quality parts: a polished aluminum intake tube, a performance gray air filter, and a wrinkle black heat shield-all designed for optimum operation and long service life. For example, the aluminum intake tube is lightweight and has an anodized, maintenance-free protective coating. Meanwhile, the gray air filter features two layers of synthetic dry media. Without the need for oil, the filter can take out as much as 99.4 percent of the dirt and other foreign particles flowing through the short ram air intake. The heat shield, on the other hand, resists thermal pressures that may take a toll on the life of the Takeda short ram intake.

Due to the position of short ram intakes in the engine bay, they require special construction to stand the pressure and other damaging factors. That's why the short ram intake from Takeda is flowbench-tested and computer-molded to ensure durability. Also, it is CNC-machined to fit most vehicles. And when it comes to installation, the Takeda short ram intake is a DIYer's dream come true. It is designed to be installed in less time and can be positioned without removing the bumper. Each intake also comes with the necessary hardware and instruction manual. What are you waiting for? Order a short ram intake from Takeda here at Parts Train and feel the performance improvement on your car today.