Takeda Cold Air Intake & Accessories

How does a Takeda cold air intake affect the total performance of a vehicle? This aftermarket cold air intake system draws in cool, fresh air that improves throttle response and provides additional horsepower and torque. Since cold air intakes suck in denser air, they also help boost a car's fuel economy.

What set the Takeda cold air intake apart from other cold air intake kits are its CNC mandrel-bent aluminum tubes that allow for an unrestricted flow of power. Also, this air intake comes with an oil-free Takeda Pro Dry S air filter to make sure that only fresh and clean air goes to the engine. Unlike other cold air intakes, this product from Takeda has a clear anodized aluminum polish to prevent rusting. Such coating also enhances the appearance of your engine bay. Due to their function, cold air intake kits are strategically placed behind a vehicle's front bumper. This Takeda product is designed to fit various vehicles based on their year, make, and model. Each cold air intake system Takeda makes is dyno proven and has a bolt on feature for durability and ease of installation. DIYers also have no reasons to worry because this product comes complete with the necessary tubes, filters, clamps, and hoses. Detailed instructions are also included to make sure that installation will be a breeze.

With all the advantages of the Takeda cold air intake, it comes no surprise why it is the number one choice of most car owners. Experience the boost in performance yourself! Get this cold air intake from Takeda today only here at Parts Train!