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Itching to put a Takeda cold air intake (CAI) system in your car? You know you want it. But are you fully aware of what a CAI system can do for the engine? Surely, you've heard people say that a CAI system can increase the engine's horsepower production. If you don't have the slightest idea how a CAI system works, then you won't be able to fully appreciate it.

To really enjoy a Takeda CAI system, you need to learn more about the science behind it. Your engine is just like an air pump-it sucks air and fuel in, burns the mixture, and then releases it as exhaust gases. The easier air can flow in and out of the engine, the more efficient the engine is at making power. A CAI system does more than open up the intake side of your car's engine. It also allows the intake to draw in cool air.

So what's so important about cool air? A Takeda CAI system is designed to draw cooler air from around the front of the engine bay. Cooler air is denser, which means it has more oxygen molecules. The engine adjusts to the oxygen level by increasing fuel intake as well. By drawing in cooler air and improving fuel flow, an engine will be able to produce more power. And that's exactly what a Takeda CAI system does for your engine!

Now, doesn't that little lesson make you want to buy a CAI system even more? Takeda combines American ingenuity with Japanese engine tuning. Simply put, you've got the best of Western and Eastern engine tuning technology. You can't lose with a Takeda parts on your car's engine. Explore Parts Train today and check out the Takeda parts available. Enjoy secure online shopping and fast shipping right at Parts Train!