T&H Push Bar & Accessories

Back in the year 1979, the T&H mission was to create new life into the off-road automotive industry. Since then, T&H has been in the forefront of technology with innovative designs and ideas that have revolutionized the off-road market. T&H is a family owned and operated company that is considered to be one of the largest manufacturers of tubular accessories for trucks and SUV's in the European market. T&H has grown into a large international company, blending cutting-edge manufacturing technology and radical designs which have been revolutionized the way vehicle owners and enthusiasts customized their pickups and SUV's. Today, T&H is one of the most recognized and highly-regarded names in Europe. In fact, it has earned its reputation as the world's premier producer of hardcore truck and SUV accessories on streets of Europe and desert roads of the Middle East.

The T&H huge collection of product line includes the push bars. The T&H Euro-tech push bars are blended in form and function with an appealing four-bend design and unparalleled strength. The tubing of T&H push bars is of three inches diameter thick-walled tube for an unassuming low profile look. Plus, you never have to worry about rust, because T&H push bars are crafted from corrosion-free T403 stainless steel. It comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware. There are some vehicles that require additional mounting brackets which are also included in the hardware. Moreover, the installation process requires no drilling, thus having them properly fixed would take less than half an hour.

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