Sylvania Headlight Bulb & Accessories

Compared to your factory-installed bulbs, the Sylvania Headlight Bulb is able to emit a clear and crisp spectrum of light that's similar to daylight. This makes you see the road more clearly, enabling you to achieve better maneuverability. It also let's you see farther than other headlight bulbs. Since not everyone wants to use the same type of lights, Sylvania developed two types of headlight bulbs to provide you with more options for your car. The first one is the Sylvania SilverStar bulb, which projects a beam of light that's whiter than ordinary halogen bulbs. It's able to provide a 20 percent increase in illumination, giving you a wider coverage of the road. The SilverStar bulb is considered suitable for driving at night and under terrible weather conditions. Aside from the SilverStar bulb, Sylvania also developed the Cool Blue Halogen headlight bulb. This unique headlight bulb comes with a blue absorption coating that covers its glass tube. Since this coating only act as a filter, it doesn't affect the brightness and the bulb is still able to project a white beam of light. This makes the Cool Blue Halogen headlight bulb legal to use on the street. Now to make installation easy, each Sylvania Headlight Bulb is designed to fit perfectly into your car's headlamp socket. That's because Sylvania made sure that its headlight bulb is based on the sizes of factory-installed bulbs. This keeps you from making any adjustments to the product prior to installing it.