Swift Hitch Backup Camera & Accessories

One of the hardest things you'll experience when dealing with trailers is aligning the hitch ball with the trailer hook. This takes more effort than actually towing a cargo-laden trailer. Swift Hitch's backup camera system can help make things easier. The system includes a wireless backup camera and a handheld monitor that receives video feed from the camera. The camera attaches to almost any metal surface (such as a car's body panels) with its magnetic base. While viewing the monitor's display, you can back your vehicle up to the trailer and accurately guide the trailer hook onto the hitch ball. Once everything's aligned, all that's left to do is to fasten and secure the connection.

Aside from helping you hook up the trailer more quickly, the Swift Hitch backup camera can also double as a convenient surveillance gadget during the actual towing. Through the monitor, you can regularly check the connection between the trailer and the vehicle. The camera's even useful in the dark since it's equipped with built-in infrared lights. Whether you tow trailers for recreation or for necessity, Swift Hitch's backup camera can offer you a lot of benefits. This camera, along with other Swift Hitch products, is available at Parts Train.