Swift Hitch Car Parts & Accessories

Connecting your vehicle's hitch to the trailer is a tricky task that takes a lot of time and patience. If you're doing it on your own with no one to tell you if you're already near or not, you're in for a cycle of backing up your car and then going down to see if you've hit the target. Now, vehicle owners-especially those who own a pickup truck-need a solution for this particular dilemma. Luckily, Swift Hitch is quick to introduce a product that can really help out in this situation.

Armed with modern technology, Swift Hitch has come up with a great product that can make it easier for vehicle owners to mount the trailer into the hitch. The backup camera is a device that's designed to help the driver monitor the hitch while the vehicle's backing up. By doing this, linking the vehicle to the trailer that contains your cargo won't be that difficult. It features a 2.5 inch LCD screen and a 4-hour rechargeable Li-Battery that can be charged by a car lighter. Aside from this, it also has a night vision range that can extend up to 15 feet in case you have to do this task in a low visibility setting. Plus, the reversible image feature would surely make backing up easier for you.

Mounting the camera at the vehicle's tailgate is so easy that it can be done without using any tools at all. Since it has a magnetic base, you just have to stick it to the vehicle's metal surface to keep it secured. So there's no need to worry about setting up wires and other electrical stuff as you won't do any of those when installing the camera. And once you're behind the steering wheel, monitoring won't be that hard because the display can be easily operated with one hand. Ultimately, Swift Hitch made sure that its product can cover every important aspect to guarantee that it's the perfect solution that you need.

If your patience always expires whenever you try to mount the trailer into the vehicle's hitch, you'll need the help of a component to make this job easier. By using the backup camera from Swift Hitch, this won't be your problem anymore. Parts Train is a leading supplier of automotive supplies where you can get top-quality products like this.