Superwinch Locking Hub & Accessories

Locking hubs allow your front wheels to be manually disconnected from the front half shafts. They are also referred to as the free wheeling hubs, the accessories that can be fitted to many four-wheel drive vehicles. Several older four wheel drive vehicles do not have a centre differential, thus they are used in four wheel drive mode just when traction is limited. If they do not adopt the mode, a transmission wind-up will occur. Because of this, many owners spend most of their time in two wheel drive, while the locking hubs allow the elements of the unneeded drivetrain to be disconnected. With the hubs disengaged, the whole front axle and differential become stationary.

Your top-quality Superwinch locking hubs are necessary for your wheel hubs. Without them, the front wheels would turn the front half shafts, causing the front differential and driveshaft to move as well. Once switched appropriately, a locking hub will let the front wheel turn independently with the drivetrain. If you consider having the Superwinch locking hubs, you are assured to have better fuel efficiency, less vibration, quieter operation, and reduced wear.

The locking hub is the essential link between the front axles and the wheels. In spite of the advantages delivered by this component, some setbacks are also expected to be brought about. A locking hub undergoes a lot of stress especially when you go off-roading. Locking hubs are necessary to let the vehicle engage in the manual mode. Moreover, in some axle designs, the top swivel bearing may lack lubrication.

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