Superchips Propane Injection Kit & Accessories

When it comes to high-end tuning solution, Superchips is one of the reliable brands you can trust. Through the years, Superchips has been manufacturing electronic products to cater the needs of many customers. The availability of innovative technologies gives way for Superchips to engineer and manufacture technologically-advanced equipment that will help improve the overall performance of the vehicle. Superchips products come in comprehensive range. Each of them is produced with high levels of quality, durability and reliability. Superchips propane injection kit is just one of the many components that are manufactured by Superchips.

This propane injection kit includes all the necessary tools needed when injecting propane into a diesel engine whether it is turbocharged or normally-aspirated. Acquiring a Superchips propane injection kit is very advantageous especially if you want optimum power and toque. The reason for this is that when propane is injected in a diesel engine, it introduces more fuel to the engine with no extra airflow. Another good benefit you'll gain out of Superchips propane injection kit is that it extends your mileage before refilling your tank. Moreover, the said equipment continuously monitors the engine parameter so as to avoid any damage.

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