Superchips Performance Chip & Accessories

Who does not want high performance and excellent gas mileage? Everybody almost finds it a hobby to look for ways on how to enhance the engine performance and how to increase the gas mileage of their ride. Today, due to the advancements in technology, boosting the engine performance is never a problem if you have a high-quality Superchips performance chip. Such technological marvel chip is intentionally designed to raise the engine power. It optimizes the fuel and ignition system operation in order to extract maximum amount of horsepower and torque.

The performance chip is also known as the power programmer and performance programmer. It works as a replacement for an Engine Control Unit (ECU) chip, which holds the engine lookup tables. Such tables in the performance chip show the values that translate to higher fuel rates at certain driving conditions. As an example, new lookup tables may supply details about having more fuel while with a full throttle at a particular engine speed. As a result, the spark timing may also be altered. Some makers of performance chips tend to utilize more aggressive settings in the fuel maps of their units.

Performance chips imitate the actions of the old-time tuners onto a single computer chip, while virtually remapping the engine systems to offer increased power and better torque. These vulnerable chips can maximize the fuel/air ratio and spark map in your engine. Increase in fuel mileage is also assured by having an excellent performance chip. Moreover, these chips can provide you with clean emissions while your engine is still operating at its full potential.

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