Street Scene Front Valance & Accessories

The Street Scene Front Valance is a panel that conceals some structural details of the bottom corner of your vehicle. This is mounted in the front and in the rear side of your vehicle. The main objective of having a valance is to provide more protection to your vehicle especially at the rear end, which suffers so much from mud splashes. The rear valance is located at the bottom corner of the rear fenders while the rear corner valance is found at the rear panel. These valances are often separated to extend roughly from behind the rear bumper. The front valance is the panel extending below the front bumper. This valance effectively stands as a plain restyling accessory. Aftermarket valances have different finishes such as aluminum or chrome metal finish. They are manufactured with high quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. Indeed, the finish provides an impact to your vehicle's appeal.

Valances are easily installed through the spots that are already present in your vehicle; however, if you find it hard to do the installation, you can always consult your manual. Installation of valances should be done with proper care. Though your vehicle has installation spots, some aftermarket valances may fit variably. Thus, it is still better if you let some professional hands do the job. Styles and sizes of aftermarket valances definitely differ with vehicle models and applications. A valance can be installed using some screws and rivets or with matching special adhesives while others use both.

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