Street Scene Chassis Wire Harness & Accessories

Restoration of hot rods or just simply upgrading your vehicle is simple through installation of wiring harnesses to replace the worn out ones. Your Street Scene Chassis Wire Harness comes with wires that are already attached to the fuse block. Hence, wiring your vehicle will just be a matter of installing the fuse block and routing the wires. The wires are preprinted with the application and they are color-coded for easy installation. High-temperature wires are utilized, which are often one size larger than factory original specification. The harness kit comes complete with all the needed fuses, tach leads, wire ties, flashers, horn relay, and grommets.

The wire harness and cable assembly is a setup of wires with connectors and terminals connected to their ends for transmitting electricity between two or more points. Your quality wire harness and cable assembly components must complement your vertically-integrated approach. Your chassis must be supported by good-quality wire harnesses since the stability of your ride depends mainly on them. The Chassis resist vibrations as it traverses over the harshest terrain across the country. Always make sure that your vehicle is equipped with high-quality Street Scene Chassis Wire Harness for your protection.

Installing the chassis wire harness is a complicated task. Always consult the wiring diagram in case you are not sure how to do it. Chassis Harness wire splice locations are determined by specific wiring. Some splices might be made at the handlebars. The location will require some of the Chassis Harness to be cut off and discarded. In such procedures, it will be wise to let a professional hand do the task.

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