Street Scene Bumper Cover & Accessories

Bumpers are the protective elements in your vehicle that necessarily absorb shocks once sudden collision happens. Indeed, they are very useful components for safety, aesthetics, and performance. A bumper is basically made from heavy sheet metal for greater protection on vital vehicle components mounted at the front area including the headlights and fog lights. The bumper system is made up of different components including the guard, brace, and cover. This system can help in saving you and the rest of the occupants from sudden impacts. Bumpers are also effective in providing your vehicle an aggressive look.

Bumpers cannot take all the daily wear and tear as well as the abuses and beatings particularly when off-roading. A bumper protector is therefore essential to back up their important tasks. Bumper covers are very important to protect the headlight assembly and other sensitive systems and mechanisms mounted under the hood. The Street Scene Bumper cover is polished and painted to match the existing color scheme of your vehicle. Some bumper covers are universally designed to fit any vehicle type. There are however custom fit bumper covers that are better preferred by vehicle owners who want to ensure the configurations and mounting points of their auto bumpers. Installation of a bumper cover depends on your vehicle and the component itself. Some types are just intended as add-ons and will not take up much time and effort for installation. Some complicated designs come with drilling of holes to fit in the screws and other connecting components.

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