Street Scene Bed Cap & Accessories

If you are always lacking in secure storage space in your vehicle, you can get a Street Scene Bed Cap. Whether you are carrying gear to your great outdoor adventures or loading around home improvement supplies or appliances, your vehicle would look nicer with a bed cap. A high-quality bed cap, along with other truck accessories like cab extenders, tonneau covers, and tool boxes will make your ride more organized particularly when you are off for a long travel.

Your bed cap is a versatile option that provides maximum amount of secure storage space as it covers the entire bed of your truck. This is at least as tall as the pickup's cab. Amazingly, this type of bed cap is not just intended for providing a practical space for your cargos. You can also turn your bed into a spare bedroom by adding a padded carpet bedliner and a sofa bed or mattress. For a more stylish effect, you can also put an overhead light in the truck cap.

Most bed caps feature a rear door that is hinged at the top part. You just simply have to unlock the door and open it upwards then fold down the tailgate. There are some that have different designs in the rear. In such designs, you have to remove the tailgate when you install the cap, which has a normal human-size door at the rear. In case you don't need a large storage space, you can have a cab extender. This auto part is a fiberglass enclosure that mounts to your truck's bed rails that is found right behind the cab. A sliding rear window can be opened to gain access to this enclosed shelf-style storage space. However, if you do not have a sliding window, you can remove the rear window, and directly have easy access to this area. Some cab extenders come with a built-in tonneau cover.

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