Street Scene Air Intake Scoop & Accessories

Your Street Scene Air Intake scoop is the air vent on the hood installed for the purpose of letting air to directly enter the engine compartment. This may be closed or opened when necessary. This type of hood scoops is purely decorative while effectively enhancing the performance of your engine. The air that enters the hood scoop helps in keeping your engine from overheating.

A functional scoop however gives several setbacks. The scoop opening in fact increases audible engine noise. This is a main concern particularly in states where local law mandates maximum permissible noise levels for vehicles. An open scoop may admit foreign debris or water directly into the engine. Once the air cleaner element is in place, it will generally prevent the debris from entering the engine though such elements can quickly clog the air filter. The scoops intended for street use have drainage channels to prevent water from entering the engine. Such channels may be affected by heavy rain. The cooling effect of the scoop's intake air has the possibility to complicate the engine warm-up and pollution control. With the early emission control systems, it was usual for the stock air-intake systems to have flaps which will allow the engine to breath cool air at or near full throttle.

The setbacks of using the scoops are being solved by continuous innovations. One effective design is scoops that can be closed and opened when necessary. This design allows the scoop to remain shut until opened by engine vacuum. Both functional and non-functional hood scoops are considered to somewhat increase the drag coefficient of a vehicle.

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