Street Performance Throttle Body Spacer & Accessories

The air intake system lets your vehicle breathe easier to produce more horsepower and greater gas mileage. They are available in different styles so that you can easily show off your personal statement. These include an open element air intake system, a sealed air intake system, and a ram air intake system. In relation to the objective for horsepower and gas mileage enhancement, the Throttle body spacers are also designed to enhance the low to mid-range power and torque while improving throttle response and fuel economy. Throttle body spacers let the incoming air charge to tumble for better atomization of the mixture downstream in the combustion chamber.

A Street Performance Throttle Body Spacer is indeed a good alternative to attain a much better throttle response and fuel mileage. This accessory under the carburetor is used to effectively create a longer distance that your intake air must travel. With this, the intake manifold's volume and power is increased. Throttle body spacers are especially designed to enhance your low to mid – range power and torque. They allow better mixture of fuel and air to enter into the combustion chamber to achieve an overall improved performance and better fuel economy to boot. Hence, if you have a racing vehicle, you must always equip it with a high-quality throttle body spacer. Your vehicle must not just look good because of the excellent and effective accessories around its body. Its appeal can further be enhanced if it is complemented with excellent performance and fine gas mileage.

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