StorageMax Storage Box & Accessories

Your Storage Solutions Storage System is effective for organizing your vehicle with three independent and locking storage areas, which includes the main drawer and the two side box compartments. The entire unit lies beneath the bed rail plane to work well with the tonnaeu covers, behind-cab toolboxes, and rail caps. This storage system is manufactured from high density polyethylene for dependable, high strength. Its main drawer slides open and has a liftable lid that can be completely removed when you need to use the full bed.

A storage box bumper assembly is also used effectively with the floor, rear wall, front wall, and top portions forming your vehicle bumper. This has a chamber where the top portion is hinged for opening and closing. Furthermore, there are also two frame members connected to the bumper extending outwardly for attachment to the frame portion of the vehicle. Your storage box assembly can securely be attached to a pick up truck bed without the need to drill holes in your truck. This assembly includes a box with a main portion and a grooved bottom surface complimentary to the groove in the pickup bed. This further has jamb blocks that engage the box's grooves with the bed's grooves.

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