StorageMax Car Parts & Accessories

The pickup truck type of vehicle undoubtedly can provide a bigger storage for the cargo. But would your cargo be safe and sound all the time at the back of your pickup? You can't really be sure. It would be so easy for crooks to get the tools, pieces of equipment and supplies right out of your pickup truck's bed at any time of the day when you park in public parking lots. Prevent the crooks from getting hold of any of your cargo.

With Storage Solutions, you can safeguard your valuables effectively. It has three locking storage bays which keep your belongings away from the sticky hands. In addition to that, it keeps the equipment organized for a clutter-free transport. The Storage Solutions is crafted from high grade polyethylene for intense strength and so that it can withstand even the harshest weathers. It can withstand up to a hundred and fifty pounds of weight on top of the Storage Solutions and you can be able to store standard four by eight inches of plywood sheets on its deck.

So that it will fit on your truck perfectly, the Storage Solutions is custom sized for your vehicle's year, make and model. It is placed just below the bed rails so it can work with tonneau covers at the back of the cab tool boxes and bed caps. It can be mounted either at the tail gate or behind the cab and it easily slides out when the need for the whole bed arises. You can store your tools or any other valuables inside it. It is equipped with two handy saddle bags and a huge middle drawer. With the Storage Solutions, you can forget about the freight rolling around and breaking on the bed as it keeps the equipment organized. And the best part of the deal is the warranty.

Here at Parts Train we can provide you with the Storage Solutions at extremely affordable prices. With our available online catalog, you can easily find the Storage Solutions product that will fit accurately depending on the year the vehicle was released, the vehicle's make and model. We provide 24 hour access to our online shopping and we never cease to process your orders so you can have the part or accessory that your vehicle needs in no time.