Stant Fuel Tank Cap & Accessories

Stant has always been one of the major manufacturers of reliable fuel system parts in the auto industry. For years now, it has been with vehicle owners like you to help keep your vehicle as good as new. And for that fuel tank cap you've just lost, you can have a new and original Stant fuel tank cap. It comes as a direct replacement for your make and model, so there's no need to take chances on improvised caps made from weak tin cans and lids.Every driver knows exactly how important an OEM fuel tank cap is. It's the part that keeps the fuel safely contained in the tank. Since the cleanliness of the fuel is crucial to the operation of your vehicle, a perfect-fit fuel tank cap is a must to lock away unwanted elements. These elements include rain streaks and dirt that will surely alter the composition of the fuel. Water in the fuel makes pressurizing and atomizing futile, and this will affect the engine operation. Additionally, a tank without a cap emits gasoline vapors dangerous to both the environment and your health. Plus, an exposed tank allows the gasoline to evaporate and go to waste.You don't have to endure these problems because of a missing or damaged cap; you can easily find a replacement Stant fuel tank cap. This cap comes in various types: the zinc-plated pressure vacuum-type cap that controls emission and improves fuel economy, the chrome-plated push-on locking cap that prevents theft and vandalism, and the chrome-plated threaded fuel cap that protects vehicle occupants from gasoline vapors.Post your order for a Stant fuel tank cap right here at and then follow our easy checkout steps. We guarantee a complete line-up of Stant parts for all auto makes and models.